Qi and blood are the two most vital substance for life. Since the characteristic symptom of qi deficiency is fatigue, people in the Western explain qi as “energy”. Modern studies have revealed that the functions of qi cover the function or neuro-endo-immune network. One will become sick when her/his qi and blood are deficient. When qi is deficient, one’s immune system becomes weak, so easily be attacked by the exogenous pathogens and get sick. Long term qi deficiency will lead to blood deficiency. In another word, blood deficiency is accompanying qi deficiency. In addition to fatigue, one with blood deficiency may have anemia, pale complexion, poor sleep, poor memory, dry skin, hair loss, or oligomenorrhea and so on.

Qi-Blood Booster is made based on a classical Chinese formula, Danggui Buxue Tang (DBT) originated 800 years ago. It is composed of two most popular and safe Chinese herbs, Astragali Radix, the most famous qi-supplementing herb, and Angelicae Sinensis Radix, the most well-known blood-nourishing herb.


As one of the safest and effective Chinese formulas, DBT has been widely studied for its pharmacological activities, including functional improvement of immune, circulatory, hematopoietic, hormone, and nervous systems (references are given below).

Please read the reference papers of Danggui Buxue Tang (DBT) by clicking the titles below:

1. Papers about the formulation, chemistry, and bioactivities

2. Papers about effects on hematopoietic function

3. Papers about effects on cardiovascular function and brain damage

4. Papers about effects on uterus and menopause

5. Papers about effects on bone

6. Papers about effects on immune function and brain nerve cell 

7. Papers about other effects 

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